6. March 2018

The new Barbarianism – A Movie by CSIS about one of our Scopes

The New Barbarianism is a CSIS Global Health Policy Center original feature documentary (58 minutes) that examines the crisis, its causes, the limited international response and possible ways forward through dozens of interviews and original footage obtained from inside Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. https://www.csis.org/features/new-barbarianism
6. March 2018

MSC Report of APB in Tutzing

Attached a link to an article about GloHSA´s  appearance at the Munich Security Conference. https://www.apb-tutzing.de/news/2018/global-health.php
17. February 2018

GloHSA at the Munich Security Conference

On February 18th 2018, at a well-recognized SideEvent at the Munich Security Conference (#MSC2018), GloHSA members participated in a panel about the imminent threats and upcoming tasks for #globalhealthsecurity. @AnjaOpitz was the moderator. J.Stephen Morrison, ( @MorrisonCSIS) the Senior Vice President at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) set the scene […]
18. January 2018

GloHSA at Hertie School 2017

On October 18th GloSHA participated in a high level plenum at Hertie School in Berlin/Germany. Moderated by one of our team members Margaret Bourdeaux the surgeon general of the German and French armed Forces, representatives of Harvard Kennedy School, the German Ministry of Health and the Linda & Bill Gates Foundation discussed […]
17. January 2018

GloHSA at the World Health Summit 2017 in Berlin/Germany

On October 16th GloSHA presented the results of their first workshop conducted at the Command and Staff College of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg/Germany at the World Health Summit. The publication of the drafted white paper to nurture decision makers in the field of Global Health and Security will follow in the first […]
17. January 2018


Our members work in different national or multinational, governmental or non-governmental organizations almost all over the planet for health and security. Follow them under #GloHSA for relevant news, events or publications about global health & security.