GloHSA defines Global Health Security as

"the collective ability to mitigate health threats that have the potential to destabilize societies, states and regions.
The goal of Global Health Security is to establish resilient health systems in order to promote peace and security for all.”

@GloHSA 2017

GloHSA is an independent network of international experts from policy, academics, security and private sectors driven by the shared understanding that health, security and stability issues have increasing and interrelated global impacts which require a transnational and multi-sectoral approach for threat mitigation. The GloHSA vision is for an effective, universal interconnection of diverse stakeholders who are dedicated to solving global health security challenges, with a particular focus on protecting and strengthening health systems and security systems as a core function of society.

The GloHSA mission is to bridge global health and security communities to:

Support the creation of national and transnational strategies,

Develop multi-sectoral educational and training programs,

Conduct crisis policy assessments and scientific analyses,

Fuel the international dialogue for global health security issues,

Engage in coordination and relationship-building among the global health and security communities to face the dynamic of global challenges.

We are dedicated to helping to safeguard the universal humanitarian values and to acknowledge that every sovereign state has the need to protect its own population as a core principle of governance. GloHSA uniquely offers key decision makers advices regarding whether an issue is related to global health security or not as well as provides them with sound confidential situational analysis to help to build a comprehensive decision making process whenever relevant.

3. April 2020

GloHSA Steering Board Activities during the COVID-19 pandemic – Stefan

During the actual pandemic COVID-19 crisis all of our GloHSA members are working out of their usual comfort zone and are involved in overwhelming other tasks to mitigate the impact of the plague. We want to keep you updated on what we are doing at the frontline of the crisis and at […]
31. March 2020

GloHSA Member Tracey McNamara provides prophetic insights on Coronavirus and her tireless efforts for zoonotic disease surveillance on a global scale

4. February 2020

Important discussion after LinkedIn post from Tracey McNamara
30. January 2020

GloHSA Member at German TV Discussion about the global preparedness for epidemic virus outbreaks like the current Coronavirus. Last night, Dr. Anja Opitz was invited to the “Münchner Runde” (BR) that discussed the question: “Hashtag#Coronavirus: Are we really prepared?” Here is her quick summary, as she looking at this from asecurity analyst perspective: *For the German case at the moment: Yes, we are able to manage the current situation […]
30. January 2020

LinkedIn Discussion – Corona Virus: Are we really prepared?

25. January 2020

Dr Jan-Cedric Hansen from GloHSA delivers a concise overview of the current 2019-nCoV outbreak key facts
25. January 2020

GloHSA Rapid Brief – CoronaVirus GloHSA recommendations to promote basic health security advice in light of current events in Wuhan, China:  1) Containment measures are relevant regarding what is known and what remains to be known regarding the Wuhan outbreak and its development. 2) Containment measures should combine relevant population protection with as little as possible […]
19. January 2020

GloHSA teaching GHS & HSI

During the second week of January Members of Glohsa were able to teach their topics of Global Health Security and Health Security Intelligence again at the American University of Antigua College of Medicine’s Dr. Jim Wilson and Dr. Stefan Goebbels represented GloHSA at this unique University program. The AUA Global Health Track […]
5. December 2019

GloHSA supporting the KAIPTC in Ghana

A few member of GloHSA were very proud to support the first „Comprehensive Medical Support in Complex Emergencies“ course at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, Ghana. This course aimed to promote an integrated health response through enhanced interoperability across civilian and military actors in complex emergencies. Networking was […]
30. November 2019

GloHSA at the WHS 2019 in Berlin

In Berlin on October the 28th, a GloHSA delegation attended the World Health Summit 2019 (WHS 2019) at the KOSMOS.  Looking at the high quality of contents and expertise of speakers within the numerous panels at the 2019 WHS tending to cover the wide range of the Global Health and Security field, […]
2. March 2019

DRC: MSF suspends medical activities after Ebola Treatment Center attack
7. February 2019

Recommended Article by the International Peace Institute about providing Healthcare in Armed Conflict: The Case of Mali

Due to ongoing conflict and insecurity in northern Mali, 1.8 million people require humanitarian health assistance, and 2.5 million are considered food insecure. Given the level of need, Mali’s healthcare system is ill-equipped to respond, and humanitarian health actors play an important role filling the gaps….
7. February 2019

Recommended Article by the International Peace Institute about providing Healthcare in Armed Conflict: The Case of Nigeria

The humanitarian situation in Nigeria’s northeast is deteriorating, with more than 5 million people in need of healthcare and over 800,000 out of the reach of humanitarian actors. Given this level of need and the poor state of the healthcare system in northeastern Nigeria, humanitarian and other nongovernmental health actors … 
15. November 2018

GloHSA Press Release about the Ebola Outbreak in DRC

On November 6th, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested the current Ebola outbreak in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo might not be contained due to lack of cooperation from local communities and an unstable security situation.[1] While certainly not an optimal […]
23. October 2018

GloHSA Panel at the WHS 2018

Disease X – Will we be able to find it in time and respond appropriately GloHSA and the German Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies recently hosted a panel at the 2018 World Health Summit in Berlin. The topic was “Disease X – Will we be able to find it in time […]
"The world needs to prepare for pandemics in the same serious way it prepares for war."

Bill Gates

"True Security is based on people's welfare - on a thriving economy, on strong public health and education programmes, and on fundamental respect for our common humanity."

Ban Ki-moon