17. August 2021

Jan Cedric Hansen about French Overseas Territories hit by the Delta Variant on France24

France’s overseas territories across the globe, but especially the Antilles islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, are seeing sky-rocketing virus cases and hospitalisations amid vaccination rates that are way lower than on the mainland. Jan-Cédric Hansen, Vice president of Global Health Security Alliance, gives his analysis.
31. August 2021

GloHSA Brief 01/2021 by Dr. Jan-Cédric Hansen about “GETTING OUT OF THE HEALTH CRISIS – YES, BUT HOW?”

Dr. Jan Cedric Hansen is our Vice Presiddent and Director of the British strategic consultant firm StratAdviser Ltd since 2008 as well as the Chief Medical Officer of a French Public Nursing Home founded in 1267 and member of the strategic steering board of a Regional Public Hospital Trust in Normandy. Additionally […]
31. August 2021

GloHSA welcomes it´s new Intern

All GloHSA members would like to express a very warm welcome to Anna-Katharina Anna-Katharina Kersting is currently a Master’s student of Public Health Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her areas of interest area are centered around International Relations, International Law, as well as Public and Global Health. 
30. November 2021

Interview 2 of the intervention of D’Alain PHILIBERT & Dr. Jan-Cedric HANSEN at Santexpo 2021

Oor Vice President Jan_Cedric at the international exhibition innovations and health of SANTEXPO 2021 “Together, let us continue our collective commitment to the service of the patient.”